The Artistic Image in Osama Bin AL.Monketh Poetry Subjects and Areas
Nawaf Al-Rashidi
Mu'tah University, 2011

The thesis included an introduction, preface, four chapters and the conclusion .Concerning the introduction, it talked the most important

studies for Osama's poetry .I also clarified my policy in shedding light on his poetry from the side of the artistic image which wasn’t tackled before In the preface I studied Osama bin Al . Monketh from to views the place and the time. from his birth till his death .I also studied the places where he went to, the reasons for these visits accompanied by maps for Shezar and what surrounds it.

This chapter was the longest because of its importance .

I studied the first chapter in the light, of famous westerners and Arab critics. I found its definition which aided me in my study .

The second chapter was called the human image and its indications in his Dewan. I highlighted the image of the woman and the warrior.

The third chapter was entitled as Osama and the time where I highlighted the psychological transformations in the stages of his life to ninety_ six years he lived .

The fourth chapter was entitled to 'the plants and its connotation 'I also got help from some illustrating pictures to clarify the artistic image in the last chapter 'I tackled the image of the sky and its connotations in his poetry

'I distributed them on the worlds of the sun and the moon and on the stars and planets 'as well as on 'Alfrkadain 'and their connotations accompanied by some pictures for clarification .in the conclusion, I enlisted the results of my study in the conclusion



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