The image of the women in the poetry of Khalil Mutran


Yusuf Abdul-Majid Faleh Al-Dmoor


Mutah University, 2011


This stady is concerned to explore the image of the woman in the poetry of Khalil Motran one of the prominent figures of the Arabic poetry .And to know about his point of view and the right of the woman, the study consists of thre chapters the first one deals with his and his academic and working life her marrid and veil of dreams.

the second one presents the woman as portrayed in his poetry under the following themes: the lover ,the mothr, the body ,the novelist, the improved, the activist, the Women's wrong

chapter three deals with artistic aspect in the poetry which deals with the woman and it consists of the language metaphors, rrpetition assimilation, the stories of poetry, and the poetic polt.

The condusion of the study rereals and the finding with an appendix of the sources, further reading and the references.


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