The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Excellence:
Applied a Study in Saudi Ministry of Justice in Tabuk Region
Ayed. A. Al atawi
Mutah University, 2011

This study aimed to identify the impact of transformational leadership on organizational excellence an applied study in Saudi ministry of Justice in Tabuk region.
To achieve this objective a questionnaire was developed and distributed to the sample of the study which consisted of (295) employees which were chosen randomly.
The retrieved and reliable questionnaires for analysis were (210) with rate of (71.2 %) of distributed ones. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was used to analyze the collected data.
The most important results were as follows:
1. The perceptions of employees toward transformational leadership and organizational excellence in the Saudi Ministry of Justice in the Tabuk region was a high level.
2. There was an impact of transformational leadership dimensions in organizational excellence which explains ( 56.2 %) of variation in the dependent variable (organizational excellence).
3. There were significant differences (α ≤ 0.05) in the employees perceptions toward transformational leadership and organizational excellence attributed to (academic qualification, age, and experience) variables.
Regarding the result of the study recommended to establishing the climate and regulatory environment conducive and supportive of organizational excellence in the ministry.
And educating workers in the ministry objectives and the importance of organizational excellence and the results of that through training courses, conferences and workshops on this topic..


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